Switch your fleet to EVs with confidence. Talk to us about how we can keep you moving.


Book in advance to have your EV charged almost anywhere you go.

Event Charging

If your event venue has no EV charging, we can help! Ask us about flexible, mobile event charging.

Repairs and Healthcheck

We can do minor repairs at almost any safe location, and run a healthcheck on your EV and battery while its being charged

We bring a chargepoint to you!

We are establishing an all-new mobile Electric Vehicle support service for both established organisations and vehicle manufacturers.

We help keep you moving.

We help keep your fleet drivers moving.

Talk to us about how our bespoke EV services can help you make the switch to EVs with full confidence.

The service is requested by EV drivers, either by calling our 24/7 Service Desk, or through  our app.

We can visit you with a charger anywhere it is safe to do so, and get you and your EV back on the road.

You can also pre-book our service to a location at a date and time you require, such as hotels, car parks, outdoor events – we look forward to being surprised by your location!

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