Plugin Power Ltd has been setup to provide solutions to emerging challenges related to Electric Mobility.

Plugin Power is currently actively trading in the IT Consultancy and Security space. This activity funds market research and validation of the key issues limiting mass EV ownership.

Modern EV challenges require modern technology solutions. With industry leaders, we are creating a great experience for everyone involved with Electric Mobility.

Tony Shorthouse

Service available to you


Plugin Power provides industry leading Consultancy, Security and Architecture services to all major IT Service Providers in the UK, as well as directly with many well known brand names. Providing non-IT business people with relevant, scalable technology to meet current and future needs. Establish requirements through engagement workshops with stakeholders of all levels. Provide industry-standard High-Level and Low-Level Design documents, and project plans.


Plugin Power Energy is bridging the gap between the emerging needs of the energy industry and solution provision from major IT service vendors. This comes at a time when the decades old power industry faces nothing short of a digital revolution in almost every country.

Cloud backup

In partnership with global backup service Carbonite, we offer class leading cloud backup solutions for your endpoint and server. Solutions are designed to scale with your business needs, from SMEs to large Enterprises. Backup your Office 365 data directly from your Azure tenant, and minimise the bandwidth impact on endpoint connectivity.


In partnership with leading Security-as-a-Service provider Nellcote, we offer you regular security analysis and system pen testing. Avoid the outlay of an expensive capital purchase for security testing software. We can provide you with the latest testing technology and processes, constantly updated. Along with resource to run tests and provide expert analysis.

We are a
proud sponsor

In the UK, Plugin Power is proud to sponsor a number of EV owner groups. Photos kindly supplied for use by Yorkshire EV club, Herts EVs and Norfolk EV Group.

“EVs are not
only cars”

Many countries aim to prevent sales of new ICE vehicles by 2035 or before. 2022 is widley regarded as a tipping point for EVs.

Predicted EV sales are 4 million in 2020.
12 million by 2025
21 million by 2030

Ref: Deloitte LLP, Battery Electric Vehicles 2019

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